Can I Use A Treadmill On A Carpet?

Many people buying a treadmill for the first time ask “do I need a mat under my treadmill?” It is a reasonable question and as mats are so cheap often they can be a good idea. Some people think they have a loose end of old carpet why not just use that? The assumption in both cases is that the mat or carpet will prevent the treadmill from damaging the floor, but often you need to consider using a mat to protect the treadmill from the floor surface. With these factors in mind can I use a treadmill on a carpet?


Extend The Life Of Your Treadmill With A Mat


Placing your treadmill on a carpet may seem to be a good idea, you get to reduce vibration and dampen down noise, if you have tiled or timber floors a piece of old carpet can prevent scratches. The problem is that often a carpet will damage or shorten the life of the treadmill.


No matter how clean your house, the fibers in a carpet tend to catch dust and dirt. If you use your treadmill on carpet this dust and dirt is liable to be drawn into the inner workings of the treadmill over time. Carpet fiber will quickly damage electric motor brushes and contribute to bearing wear. Using a mat can reduce the impact of carpet dirt and dust and keep your treadmill healthy.


Prevent You Treadmill Damaging The Carpet


If you do consider using your treadmill on a carpet be sure to factor in the damage the treadmill may do to the carpet. Many high quality home treadmills are heavy for stability. A heavy treadmill digging into your carpet will leave serious impressions on the carpet that may never look the same again.


It is also worth considering that even the best built treadmills will suffer from some vibration. This vibration allied to the weight of the treadmill could, over time, stretch or cut your carpet.


Finally, you will need to lubricate your treadmill from time to time and the static you build up on the treadmill from running on a rubber belt and deck will attract dust and dirt. Do not be surprised if when you move your machine you find dirt, dust and oily residue accumulating on the carpet under the machine. Usually this will look like a dark shadow on the carpet.


Can You Use A Treadmill On A Carpet?


In short if you don’t want your treadmill to age prematurely and you value your carpet, go get a mat. If you are not concerned with damaging the carpet and are prepared to risk the machine over the long run, using the treadmill on carpet can be a good way to keep noise and vibration down.

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