Tightening And Toning With The Ab Lounger

Maintaining good physical fitness and following an exercise routine are two ways to lose weight and gain energy. There are thousands of pieces of exercise equipment on the market that claim to you lose pounds, eliminate belly fat, and sculpt muscles. Only a few can actually produce efficient, reliable results. The Ab Lounger is one of these products and when used correctly can help tone and tighten abdominal muscles.

The Ab Lounger is designed to work the upper and lower abdominal muscles as well as the oblique muscles. It strengthens and tones these areas with less effort than traditional crunches or sit-ups. It also does this more efficiently. Additionally, the Ab Lounge, as it is sometimes referred to, will help develop and maintain your core strength.

This device is constructed to allow the head, back, and neck to be supported while you complete the jack-knife motion of the sit-up. One of the main complaints of performing standard crunches while lying on the floor is the strain and discomfort. The Ab Lounger eliminates these issues by placing you in an actual sling type seat that is fully supportive. The design of the seat also allows you to elongate or fully stretch your back, which helps relieve soreness and tension.

A DVD will accompany the machine and illustrate how to use it properly while giving examples of the exercises that can be completed. The process is quite simple to follow. You should lie down flat on the Ab Lounger and place your feet either on or under the bars. Grabbing the hand bars located above your head, pull yourself up into a seated position. You want to focus on using your abdominal muscles to pull up and exhale as you do so. Slowly, lower your body back into the starting position while inhaling. Use fluid, controlled motions and repeat the crunch 10 times. You can also turn your lower body to either the left or right to exercise the oblique muscles.

This device is great for people of all fitness levels, whether you are just beginning an exercise program or wanting to add a new element to an existing program. The Lounger will yield results in two weeks, just by using 10 minutes a day, three times a week. As your muscles get stronger, you can increase the number of repetitions to achieve better results. You can find other videos and information online that will give you various ideas for exercises to perform on the Ab Lounger.

The Ab Lounge Sport is a lesser known device from the same family as the Ab Lounger. It also provides great workouts while supporting the body. This machine relieves pressure placed on the knees while performing bent knee crunches. It also comes with a DVD, a pull up strap, and a computer that will automatically record the amount of calories burnt, number of repetitions, and the time. The Ab Lounge Ultra is another variation of the original that offers an Iso-Grip handle, which allows multiple hand positions to be used during the exercise. This adds a new level of sculpting to the routine.

In 2010, the original Ab Lounger was replaced by the Ab Lounge 2. The newer version is very similar to its predecessor and is used in the same fashion. It is a bit lighter and has a maximum weight limit that is 25 pounds less than the Ab Lounger. The new model is slightly smaller as well.

No matter which type of Ab Lounger you choose, it is vitally important to follow all directions and guidelines properly. Before beginning any new exercise program, you should always consult a medical professional. By doing both of these things you will ensure a productive and safe exercise experience.

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